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Découvrez notre sélection originale de coussins, plaids et couverture confortables et de grande qualité.  Un grand choix de modèles, aux tailles, formes et styles variés vous attend. 

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Adopt this pretty little pillow in your decoration to bring a touch of poetry, with its pretty embroidered burning heart! We like its soft colour which will make it blend easily into your interior.Velvet has indeed the extreme advantage of being immediately chic. Very pleasant to the touch, the velvet cushion will naturally have an elegant...

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31,00 €

Adopt this pretty votive heart cushion, perfect for an eclectic decor that loves curiosities!This object is made of an untreated fabric, so irregularities can appear on the fabric, which makes it a unique piece and guarantees the environmental respect of its manufacture.100% cotton cushion Measures: 26 X 40, votive offerings, color in neutrals.

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